Cyprus began to enjoy popularity among Russians in the late 20th century, when the island was considered to be one of the most attractive places to acquire real estate. The country is characterised by a complete lack of industrial estates, which is beneficial to the surrounding environment. In addition, the island experiences the distinct Mediterranean climate, with its warm, sunny summers and sufficiently mild winters. One can buy real estate in Cyprus for personal use, or for subsequent rental to holidaymakers. Whether one is buying a large villa or small cottage, there are a whole host of details that need to be taken into account, the most important of which is the property’s location.

A well-developed infrastructure

Owning a house in Nicosia will be best suited to someone used to the atmosphere of modern European cities. This populated area is characterised by a number of administrative buildings and international companies, but is quite far from the coast. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, and is also regarded as one of the island’s centres of culture and business. The region is absolutely ideal for those who love shopping, and a variety of carnivals and festivals are also frequently held here. In addition, the city is also located on the coast, which will allow you to buy a villa that has a sea view. The city of Ayia Napa in the Famagusta region is also rich in various forms of entertainment, and is bustling with life 24/7.

Tourism and holidays in comfort

Larnaca is a unique happy medium between the busy cafés and clubs, and the quiet, peaceful beaches. It also boasts many and various points of interest, which is extremely attractive for tourists. The city of Paphos, situated on the island’s south-western coast, is an excellent place to buy a villa, due to its unique microclimate. The area is bathed on all sides in warm currents, and so living conditions there are very favourable. The city of Paralimni, situated only a few kilometres from the coast, is one of the most agreeable places for those who love a peaceful and measured pace of life. It is worth noting that before buying a villa in Cyprus, we recommend that you fully familiarise yourself with the infrastructure, prices and condition of the beaches in each separate region.