Cyprus is one of the few European countries where obtaining a residence permit is relatively simple.

Registering for citizenship in Cyprus by purchasing real estate remains the most attractive method of obtaining a European passport. The conditions for purchasing real estate in the country are highly beneficial and the procedure becomes easier and easier each year.

Since November 1st 2016, a Cyprus passport can be received for an investment of 2 million euros or more. In January 2017, property tax was abolished entirely, which allows investors to save a significant amount of money. In addition, when receiving citizenship through a purchase of real estate to the value of 2 million euros or more, a European passport (with Cyprus citizenship) is issued not only to the investor themselves, but also to members of their family, and civil partnerships are also recognised. Since November 1st 2016, this was extended even to the parents of the primary applicant, on condition of an additional investment of over 500,000 euros into the purchase of residential housing in Cyprus. Becoming a citizen of Cyprus is only possible on condition of no previous criminal convictions.

Cyprus recognises dual nationality, that is to say a foreigner will not have to abandon their former citizenship, nor do investors have to take a language or medical test, or pass an interview.

The entire procedure for acquiring a passport takes approximately 6 months from the time of the initial application.

The advantages of the investment programme for receiving Cyprus citizenship

  • An EU passport and citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus can be received for an investment of 2 million euros or more.
  • The right to live, work and study in all 28 EU member states.
  • The right to social security within the framework of the European socio-legal system.
  • Full citizenship and a passport for the main applicant and any members of his/her family included in the application.
  • Visa-free travel to 158 countries of the world.
  • Flexible investments without the need to actually live in Cyprus.
  • Approval of your application within 3 months, and receipt of a passport within 6 months.
  • Qualifying investments are in the form of asset purchase in Cyprus.
  • Without any charitable donation of private funds.

In order to guarantee Cyprus citizenship via real estate purchase and to safely carry out your investment, it is preferable to seek professional assistance. Our company offers a full range of services for legal and commercial support.