Purchasing real estate abroad is regarded by many investors as a reliable way of investing one’s money. By taking the decision to buy a house in Cyprus, you will undoubtedly have made the right choice for a lucrative investment of your capital.

We offer exclusive homes: villas in Cyprus in an elite area of the city of Limassol. This type of house is the most prestigious kind of private property. At the same time, it is also one of the most expensive, such that an investment thereinto will automatically grant EU citizenship.

This type of residence presents the owner with the most comfortable of living conditions. Owning one’s own house in Cyprus also provides privacy from neighbours and the bustle of the tourist city. It is an excellent opportunity to escape the crowds of popular resorts. Generally, villas in Cyprus are surrounded by a garden, which can have its own swimming pool.

When purchasing your house, we offer:

  • Property construction according to your own specifications. According to the client’s preference, we can build a house based on the client’s own plan or using one of our own pre-designed plans.
  • Interior design services.
  • After-sales services. While the house is being constructed, we regularly send photos updating on the progress by mail.
  • We provide legal support for the purchase.

So, if you have decided to buy a house by the sea, then a villa in Cyprus is just what you need. Cyprus might become your home. In this case, you will enjoy friendly relationships with your neighbours, as well as the great weather.